Decentralised Healthcare Platform

Your Health Records, Second Opinions, Blockchain Security.

In 2014, Sicoor began work on a secure storage framework for engineering and digital asset ownership. The advent of blockchain programming added to the toolbox a missing piece that lead to management electronic health records on an open global platform. The dHealthNetwork is a secure healthrecords storage platform, for second opinions. User owned health data gives a global community of researchers more effective and up to date health data. Industry investors support medical researcher projects. Open, trusted, immutable research data that can provide healthcare users and service providers with ongoing, up to date information about their health options.


The Blockchain is a globally-based distributed ledger that allows for direct transactions to be made in a P2P (peer-to-peer) fashion, free of any third party intervention or censorship.

dHealthNetwork is a forward thinking blockchain enabled, healthcare solution, providing tools for patient centred, patient managed care.

Sicoor Digital Vaults

Internet security it a misnomer. It is in the movement of files across the globe and passing information between business locations that security is compromised. Sicoor has developed a hybrid cloud system solution with proprietary tools to ensure security and privacy. We provide a multi tiered, multilayered security mechanism that starts at the device and ends at the data.

Strategic Systems Solutions

We provide top-down consulting for blockchain, IT and network systems. Our team has years of experience and follows the latest technology innovations in order to design solutions for our clients needs. If you are not sure what you need, contact us for a free consultation to get you started.

We Combine Blockchain, Health and Community
Smart Contract Enabled Action-Projects
the tools that bind us

dHealthNetwork establishes a marketplace owned by its community, in which the global population (with access to smartphone-like devices) can develop and maintain control of personal health records to improve healthcare locally and globally. Participants in dHealthNetwork's community marketplace include healthcare consumers, healthcare service providers, healthcare benefactors, and healthcare researchers. dHealthNetwork's community offers unifying access to healthcare, irrespective of user location. dHealthNetwork services are delivered through an App which provides users with self-sovereign veridical identities and global dHealthNetwork digital tokens to store value, pay for and improve healthcare. These elements are based on multiple decentralised blockchains which deliver further functionality and benefits. dHealthNetwork’s primary communication tools are token-signed ID based ownership of bioinformatic data (healthcare records), on-demand health telemetry and other expanding technologies (such as mobile health and fitness data-tracking).

dHealthNetwork Whitepaper